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Why You Should Outsource Local Seo Projects

If you’re a digital marketer you would know the impact of local SEO. As more and more businesses are realizing the potential of local SEO, the demand has skyrocketed over the time. You may think that it’s sad to not get enough clients for your agency but what’s worse is when you get them but you don’t have enough resources to deliver the results at the end of the day. Local SEO services or in fact any quality work related to SEO can be done only by experienced SEO experts. Since the hourly pay of an SEO expert is pretty high, you may not feel that you don’t have a choice.

A situation that demands high quality backlinks and SEO services will require you to hire an SEO expert by paying him a lot more than your desired amount. If you don’t you will lose your client and nobody wants to lose a client for no matter what the reason is. If you do this, the margin of your profit will narrow down drastically and your time and efforts are sadly not getting back much for you. Now you may think that there’s no gain without pain but what if I tell you that there can be gain without pain? It’s pretty simple; you gotta play it smart. White label local SEO is something that will rescue you in such situations.

What is white label SEO?

So, what is white label SEO? When you don’t have enough resources to meet your client’s SEO requirements, you can outsource the work to another digital marketing company. This digital marketing company can be hired for just a few projects as and when needed and won’t cost you as much as maintaining a team of SEO experts in your company. When the work is done, you can get it from them and name it as your own since the digital marketing company that you’ve outsourced your work to will not name it as their own. This is called white label SEO and it’s much better than having an in-house team which can be pretty expensive for you.

When do you need to opt for white label SEO services?

It’s not necessary that you should outsource your local SEO projects only when you do not have a core SEO team of experts. Even if you’re a company with a full-fledged employee structure including SEO experts, you may not be able to work on certain projects because your team is working on something else or your schedule is jam-packed. You don’t need to send away even a single client due to this reason as long as you can outsource your work to other digital marketing agencies that provide the service of white label SEO.

What are the Benefits of Outsourcing Local SEO

Local SEO can be a game changer for businesses that target local customers. It is highly specific and targeted because the local audience who search for a specific store gets connected to similar stores in the area at a particular time. It’s a win-win situation for both and if a business invests more on local SEO marketing they get targeted visitors who are more likely to end up buying their product or service. Local SEO can have a huge impact on the sales of a business that targets local audience. For example a restaurant, door step delivery service, or a spa in a particular area concentrates on the probable customers who are likely to visit them with the help of local SEO.

Here are the benefits of outsourcing local SEO:

  • As a digital marketing company that provides SEO services to businesses that are in need of local SEO marketing you need to have a good team that can deliver quality results. The basic and most important benefit of outsourcing local SEO projects is cost cutting. The average salary of an in-house SEO expert is around $76,000 per year which is much higher when compared to the costs that you will bear if you opt for white label local SEO.
  • You may not need high levels of SEO expertise in handling all the projects that you take up which means having a core team for the purpose is a huge loss in monetary terms.
  • When you outsource the work, you get a whole team to work on it and white labeling makes it possible to deliver the project under your name. On the other hand when you hire an in-house professional, you get only one person to work on the project unless you hire an entire team which is just futile.
  • When you outsource, you can choose different digital marketing companies that are good for different projects. For example, a team that’s good at local SEO related work can be specially hired to work on your white label local SEO project. When you have an in-house team, they work on all the projects regardless of the nature of the project and their skills.

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