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Why is Perimeter Protection Crucial for the Safety of Your Facility?

Perimeter protection is a very important aspect of ensuring the safety and security of your facility, your investments, and your employees. In today’s high-tech world, it is not unusual to have lawbreakers employ the same high-tech wizardry in bypassing existing perimeter security systems. It is for this reason that perimeter security solutions be continuously updated to help ensure the safety of everyone and everything inside the facility.

But why is it important to secure the safety of everyone and everything in the first place?

Considering that businesses are very significant investments requiring millions, some even billions, of dollars to set-up, run, and manage on a day-to-day basis, it is therefore very important to make sure that this investment does not go to waste. Theft and vandalism can undermine the value of the investment in more ways than one. Not only are you looking at massive economic losses, you are also looking at the impact it has on the employees themselves who depend on their job to feed their respective families. Without an effective and efficient perimeter security system, businesses can go bankrupt due to economic losses and employees may be retrenched as a result of these economic losses.

Perimeter Protection System

Of course, you can consider this as far-fetched but the realities of today point to the ever-growing concern for perimeter security. While high-rise fences and double fencing systems can help deter would-be perpetrators, sometimes these are simply not enough. As such, perimeter security should not only be instituted on the outside perimeter of the facility but also within the facility itself, especially in areas that are considered of high value. This is to make sure that if the external perimeter protection system fails, at the very least, the internal perimeter security infrastructure should provide the last defense.

Nevertheless, a well-planned perimeter security should be able to protect the interests of everyone in the facility, from the owners and the management to the personnel and staff who make up the bulk of the workforce. The perimeter security solution should also be able to protect valuable resources such as equipment, devices, tools, appliances, and other physical items. Of a more important concern nowadays is data security. Perimeter security solutions must be well integrated with data intrusion prevention and detection systems so that data breaches can be managed more effectively. Unfortunately, if the data intrusion were performed remotely, then physical security measures may prove ineffective. Nevertheless, the point is to have all of these systems work harmoniously together.

Perimeter intrusions can significantly undermine the safety of everyone in the facility. Equipment can be sabotaged and systems can be hacked from the inside leading to significant loses in productivity. Some may even have more sinister plans such as blowing themselves up once they have gained access into the facility. That is why perimeter security solutions must be systematically connected to the overall security infrastructure of the facility to allow for the more efficient management of such threats.

Is perimeter protection really that crucial for the safety of your facility? For the countless businesses that have perimeter security solutions, the answer is a resounding yes. Maybe you should, too.

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