Vu 4K UHD Andriod TV review

Vu has been in the television industry since 2006. They have been into manufacturing Television and Displays, but have not brought anything market shattering, until now. Vu has recently launched their Vu 4k Ultra High Definition Android TV.

What is an Android TV

An Android TV is basically just a television with the features of a phone or rather a phone with the size of a television. One can perform 80% of tasks a smart phone can do using an Android TV. The only thing one can’t do using an Android TV is call or message someone because it doesn’t have any simcard.

Why should one buy an Android TV

Most people can’t afford cable nowadays and already have internet at home, an Android TV is a great option for such people. Moreover it can also be used as an source of entertainment for children as any game which can be played on a phone can be played on a smart Android TV. One can make use of apps such as YouTube, Google, points, etc.

About Vu Android TV

The Vu Android TV is currently one of the cheapest Android TV out there which is also offering 4K. Other brands such as Sony and Samsung are much more ahead of Vu when it comes to price. The TV Comes with wall mounts and 2 remotes, first being the regular remote you get with every TV and the second is a smart remote with mic which can be used for Google assistant. The phone has a quad-core chipset with 2.5 gb of ram. Also the TV surprisingly uses a LCD panel rather than a LED pannel for the display service. 4k is often backed by an LED screen and Vu has brought a change in this tradition by Introducing this TV.

Disadvantages of this TV

  • The Television has LCD rather than LED, which would result in a low picture quality compared to that of LED.
  • The TV is a bit expensive for the brand name of Vu.
  • The main competitor for this TV is the Mi tv 4.


The final verdict on the Vu 4K UHD ANDROID TV is that it is a very good option for some one who wants to buy a branded TV at a substandard rate. Although as I mentioned there is already another TV in the market with better specs, Vu still has a better brand name. One should really give this TV a try it won’t disappoint.

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