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Theater at Home-Milan Audio system MX8

How pleasant would that be to enjoy a great musical at the luxury of your own home along with family away from all the hustle bustle of traffic at your own time and convenience???Have you been regretting missing some part of your favorite movie at the cinema hall but want to watch it with same stereo surround background music???All this is possible with thetechnological development in the field of stereo surround sound system by the new Milan Audio Concepts Mx-8 Home Theater System MX8.

Features of LatestHome Theatre Systems:

If you have large mansion or a comfortable condo, there are audio systems for every need from massive towers to nearly invisible in ceiling speakers. The provisions to get a high standard for good quality right from sound bars to the THX effects which makes it a pioneer in best level of performance.

Channel Powered Decoding Receiver: There are different types of decoding receivers based on the channeling of audio information. The standard is 5.1 channel receivers with 5 speakers and 1 sub-woofer referred with a “.1”. Left, Right center, left surround and right surround speakers. 6.1 channeled receiver has the same number but extra line where the channel is split into two and the latest version are the 7.1 which are provided with 2 additional surround channels without splitting and provide a steady line level input.

Amplifier Power: The Amplifier is the one which changes the digital audio input into a more powerful sound output. It is usually measures in Watts. There should be careful consideration based on consumer choices whether which kind of amplifier would be more effective. Distortion levels, Headroom, Acoustics, speaker placement all play a very important rule here.

Multi Device Compatibility: Due to technological innovation of sound, consumer preference has increased manifold to use any device. Many types of Audio inputs like Movies, Music, Gaming, MP3, MP4, smartphones, iPod and the list goes on. Latest version of a home theatre system should be compatible to all the above sound sources.

THX Certified Components: When investing into a home theatre system it is important to check whether is THX Certified. THX is Lucas film’s standard for theatre equipment and arrangement. The two standards- THX Select (57 cubic meter room) and THX Ultra (85cubic meter room). THX certifies AV receivers, speakers, cables, DVD players.

Acoustics: To ensure a memorable surround system, placement and arrangement of Audio and visual components and the audience plays a very pivotal role. The distance between amplifiers, speakers and human ears determine the quality and amount of sound from being it too loud and within the comfortable decibels.

HDMI greatly simplifies HDTV: HDMI (High Definition Multi-media Interface) is and AV interface which transmits Visual and Digital Audio Data to a HDMI compatible device like a HDTV which is very common nowadays. It is a replacement for analog videos standards.

Milan audio concepts have been the masters in electroacoustic hardware which deliver sound systems best in the market. The secret for being in the European market is the serious design innovation with best advancedquality features and consumer friendly prices.


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