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What Does iPad Jailbreak Give You?

More and more people choose iPad to communicate with friends, relatives and collegues, but many users still doubt if they should jailbreak their iPad, why they should do so and what jailbreaking would give them. We’ll answer these questions in this article and give you a list of iPad jailbreak tutorials available today. We love

Limera1n Jailbreak Guide for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Limera1n jailbreak is a universal jailbreak tool for all iDevices including the iPad, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3G, iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G. It was released by famous hacker Geohot, and according to his official Limera1n web page, it took him half a year to make it. The new limera1n jailbreak is available for download.

Source Code for Comex Jailbreak

Comex, hacker who developed JailbreakMe 2.0 Star tool for iPad OS 3.2.1 and the jailbreakme.com 2.0 site, has also released the source code for Comex jailbreak exploit that was blocked by Apple for the new iPad iOS 3.2.2. As we wrote before, Apple has found PDF exploit in up-patched versions of its iDevices operating systems.

New iPad iOS 3.2.2 is Released to Fix PDF Exploit Hole

New PDF patch by Saurik fixes PDF exploit hole for all iDevices with iOS 2.2 and up. The release of iPhone iOS 4.0.2 and iPad iOS 3.2.2 has been finally announced. The new iOS fixes security problem resulting from opening malicious PDF Files. This, consequently, puts an end to web-based JailbreakMe tool. The only iDevices that the Apple’s