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Some Things To Remember Before Switching To Quickbooks Hosting

QuickBooks hosting is nothing more than hosting your accounts on the cloud. QuickBooks hosting allows users to access their accounts no matter where they are. This was a great benefit to people who wanted to access their accounts while on the move. Thousands of people are currently enjoying all the benefits associated with QuickBooks hosting, and this is perhaps why everyone should consider switching right away. Here’s a quick checklist to keep in mind while choosing a company to help you make the switch which should make it a whole lot easier for you:

Company credentials: They will need to have sufficient experience and knowledge of QuickBooks hosting. If they have at least 2 years of experience in the industry, it’s a good enough sign that you can go ahead with them.

Server location: Since it’s your data, it’s always better for you to try and keep the data within the boundaries of your country. There needs to be solid proof to show the data is being hosted in your home country.

SSAE or SAS70 certification: You are going to see tons of hosting providers if you perform a search online. But you will need to see how many of those providers are SSAE or SAS70 certified. Don’t just go with any service provider.

References: There’s nothing better than asking people who have already used a service provider what they think of them. It’s obvious that they would be the best people to tell you whether you should work with them or not. If you can find a few good references, you can rest assured they are a good company to work with.

Once you’ve chosen a decent provider, you are going to start enjoying all the benefits of hosted QuickBooks almost immediately. A couple of benefits are:

You will be able to use a feature called universal printing which lets you connect all your printers with your accounts software. This makes it really easy for you to issue print reports, invoices, pay orders, sheets, etc. directly to your printer.

When setting up QuickBooks hosting, there is no upfront cost for you to worry about. Setting up traditional hosting is something which will cost you quite a lot of money in terms of security, maintenance, IT staff, etc. But with hosting, you can save all that money since you just have to pay a small fee to the service provider each month instead.

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