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Proven SEO Tips for Successful eCommerce Campaign in 2018

In present days, almost everything is online. People not only browse for information, but they watch YouTube videos, interact on social media, and play BuzzFeed quizzes too. Needless to mention, everything is possible online including buy or sell products.

eCommerce isn’t anything new and it has been around since the 90s when the internet was intended for commercial use. But what has changed the entire scenario is the sheer number of eCommerce sites available today.

The success of the eCommerce campaign depends mostly on the type of SEO tips executed. The basics of search engine optimisation haven’t altered that much. Nevertheless, at the same time, there are tons of innovative things that one need to look after when it’s all about optimising an eCommerce website. Let’s look at some crucial SEO tips to follow to make eCommerce campaign successful in 2018.

  1. Duplicate Content is Fatal

Sellers always have the option to use product descriptions given by the manufacturers, and they tend to do it. But, this will resemble with thin affiliate sales. Content has always been the ‘King’, and if it is unique, it gives added preferences.

So, if creating unique content is not feasible, make sure to create content on the category pages and make use of “NOINDEX” tag for the product pages where writing unique description is not possible.

  1. Clearer Navigation with Clean URL Structure

Simple & user-friendly website design is beneficial for everyone. To make it simple for the visitors in finding favorable products, most of the eCommerce vendors offer the option to sort and filter the results based on certain parameters like brand, color, size, price, etc. By doing this, vendors end up with a number of duplicate pages. Moreover, they often don’t notify Google about which one to index and which one to dodge in the quest to escape fleeting link juice to trivial pages. Although, URL parameter-handling might seem little intricate, it is highly useful for a clean URL structure and to have effective eCommerce SEO.

  1. Convert the Site to HTTPS, It’s Safer

Safety always comes first! Though this is indispensable for general optimisation of all sites, switching to HTTPS is even more vital for the eCommerce sites. With the huge exchange of personal details and users trusting sellers by providing highly sensitive payment information, security is paramount.

Along with HTTPS, it is also vital to ensure that SSL certificate is correctly implemented. Showcasing relevant logos to demonstrate that the site adheres to security standards would add to the trust issue. WebAlive web design ensures that their websites comply with all the latest security options and provide detailed information adopted to make the websites secured.

  1. Use Long Tail Keywords for Site Optimization

Reports have stated that long tail keywords are much easier to rank higher and they offer a higher rate of conversation. To make the best use of them, the online retailer has to be well conversant with the present search demand for the offerings and then have to incorporate keywords in the Meta tags, Image Alt, H1 Heading Tag and content on the product page accordingly. But be very careful to avoid keyword stuffing while doing the same.

Following these SEO tips in 2018 will hopefully make the entire eCommerce campaign successful. These are helpful for on-page optimisation as well. Although a lot of other things are required for search engine success in eCommerce tracking, it’s a good idea to get started with the ones discussed above and then look out for more suggestions. There no “this is it” in the world of optimisation. Be always updated & prepared for the amelioration of your site. Good luck!

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