Parenting And Technology: Don’t Just Give Your Kids An IPhone 5

The iPhone 5 has gained fame amongst people from all walks of life and all ages. Children are especially known to have a soft spot for these technological devices, with many convincing their parents to buy these iPhones for them. With its great multimedia, game apps and various internet features, the iPhone 5 is extremely popular with the children.

However, some parents may have difficulty buying these devices for their children, and those who do, end up allowing their children unsupervised access to the internet through them. To help curb these fears, here are some tips on what parents can do to make the iPhone 5 enjoyable for use by their children and also make these devices more secured for kid’s usage.

Create an iTunes account

First, it is important to set up an iTunes account for your child to ensure that purchases are not billed to your account. This account will enable your child to download music, movies and even more applications from the iTunes store. Furthermore, doing this is absolutely free.

Creating an iPod touch or iPhone

This is very easy when your child has his own account as you only need to sync it. However, if your child is using a shared computer, you should care to take notice of some settings. You should make sure that you sync an address book that is solely that of your child. You should also not sync your email accounts to the iPhone to avoid cases of your children reading or even replying to your emails.

Creating a pass code

This is a security code that you and your child will have to enter it before getting access to the device. It is very important as it ensures security of the data in the iPhone, keeping them away from prying eyes. You should set up a pass code that you and your child can easily remember.

Setting up applications

There are various applications in the application stores, each having different uses. Parents should focus on getting applications used for safety as well as for fun. The safety applications are highly valuable hence may end up charging you a small fee. They prevent your children from getting access to insecure and even inappropriate sites such as adult sites. Apart from that, there are several amazing fun applications that your child could easily like. For example, free text and new music applications especially for teenagers, fantastic games and even great recipes for those who love cooking.

Creating content restrictions

Here, parents can easily protect their children by preventing them from getting access to inappropriate content from explicit sites. You should be keen to use a different pass code when doing this. In addition to that, you can also prevent them from doing things like having video chats with strangers. For children who have their own computers, you can get access to the feature of parents’ control that is built in the iTunes store.

Creating monthly iTunes allowances

For you to make the purchase of an iPhone 5 for your child, an affordable venture, you should get an iTunes allowance for them. Doing this enables you to give them a pre-defined amount of money every month to spend at the iTunes store. It creates a win-win situation where you are able to budget for that particular cost as well as enable your children to enjoy all the goodies that iTunes can offer.

Acquiring a child proof case

Children have a tendency to drop things every now and then. However, for highly valuable items, you cannot risk the safety of these devices. Therefore, it is important to purchase a suitable case for your iPhone. To prevent scratches and unnecessary greasy smudges on the device, it is important to get hard cases for iPhone 5.

Get screen protectors

To prevent damage, cracks, and even scratches of the screen, you should get fitting, thin and inexpensive sheets to act as screen protectors.

Purchasing insurance options

Parents should get an insurance cover for these iPhones, given their high value. This insurance policy covers various risks associated with iPhones such as theft, loss and physical damage. You should do a thorough research on different insurance policies available and compare on the best deals offered. You can ask your friends which policies they use or even go to an insurance agent for advice.

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