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No faking it until making it.

Lying can be one of the most destructive habits an individual can develop, what may start out as a little white lie at an early age might make the individual that it’s ok to lie and can get can get away from just about anything when lying at it will definitely carry on when they grow up and have responsibilities far greater when they were just kids. Of course, while lying can’t really be avoided sometimes, there is definitely moments when lying is considered very inappropriate and may well just be a violation of a code of conduct, especially in a workplace.

Lying on a resume or CV when applying for a job is a pretty common occurrence especially for people who want to romanticize their resumes just to get the job, while this might seem a bit harmless, it can be quite damaging to a company in the long run. What if they offer that individual the job he or she is applying for and immediately delegate tasks unaware that the individual isn’t really capable of doing so, which in the end compromises the quality of service that the company promises to deliver, which is why it is important to let applicants undergo a polygraph test, to find out more, check 

Weeding out would-be problems 

When it comes to a company’s services, ensuring that they can deliver what is promised is important to keep the customers satisfied as well as keep their reputation intact. Having a polygraph test for applicants is one way to differentiate the potential employees from those who aren’t. Of course, one can write anything on his or her resume in terms of capabilities and work experience and can possibly lie during the interview.

 “Fake it until you make it” can be useful to the applicant but can have certain repercussions for the company hiring the applicant if ever the individual fails to meet expectations. One way of narrowing down the list of would-be employees is to have the applicants undergo a polygraph, just for good measure.

Alternative drug test 

Polygraph exams can also be used as such, an alternative drug test. It will let the company know if the individual in question is taking narcotics or any illegal substances through a well thought series of questions pertaining to the subject at hand and directed towards the person in question.

Feeling a bit jittery

If you’re wondering if nervousness can affect the result of the polygraph reading, the answer is no. Polygraph tests nowadays have a success rate of 95% and even more, especially when coupled with an experienced examiner. These examiners can quickly identify the readings and differentiate which reading is a result of nervousness and which one is a lie, making the test seemingly impossible to cheat on.

Of course, you might have seen in the movies that cheating a lie detector test is possible. But that’s just it; it’s only in the movies. Polygraph tests nowadays are more precise and systematic as compared to the older ones; examiners also have to undergo training and certification as well making today’s polygraph tests more accurate. In context, having applicants and new employees undergo a polygraph test is quite beneficial to a company in ensuring the quality of service that they offer.

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