New Exciting Technology Solutions That Are Within Our Reach

The 21st century is the age of fast tech development. Each and every day, there are some brand new technological advancements available to everyone around the world. With the progress driven by computer and internet technology, with a focus on developing various software solutions, the whole tech industry is always coming up with something brand new and innovative.

Most of the things millennials have seen in sci-fi movies when they were kids are already a reality and the future of technological advancements is only going to get even more exciting. Additionally, the fact that the tech industry has started to join forces with the fashion industry means that we can only expect new and exciting products that will take our breath away.

Another exciting fact is that the modern tech industry is becoming more and more creative; there are thousands of young people becoming a part of the industry and actively taking part in developing new tech solutions that people will enjoy in the future. Now let’s get to the point and see what technology advancements are being prepared for us and can be expected to hit the market soon.

Drones flying in space

There are a lot of commercially used drones that are mass produced and it’s possible for anyone to buy them and use them the way they see fit in their regular everyday lives, while having to follow some rules. The whole drone design has been able to improve quite a lot since the first idea came out and now, the people at NASA are also going to step up and create their own drone design. However, they will not be working on creating a drone that will be used for commercial purposes, instead their drone will be designed for operating within and around space stations.

This drone will not have navigation that works on the method of “up” and “down”, but instead it will navigate using small cameras and beacons in order to get to the required location. The main two goals of these drones are to try and help astronauts with their jobs, and see if the ground can be set for drones taking over the astronauts’ jobs completely.

Free Wi-Fi for the whole world

Elon Musk, the main guy behind PayPal, Tesla and SpaceX is working on yet another great project. His focus is once again on the internet, but this is not just any kind of project; he is planning to supply the world with free WI-FI! There are a lot of rumors saying that the he has already requested the permission for launching around 4,000 small satellites into lower orbit. These tiny satellites will be used to send a very fast wireless internet signal throughout the whole planet.

When Musk first mentioned this project there were a lot of people who were quite skeptical, however things seem to be heating up and Musk has announced that he is hoping that he will be able to launch a group of test satellites into Earth’s orbit before 2016 has ended. Elon Musk has announced that he expects that the whole project will be finished by the start of 2020. However, things will not go so smoothly, as another eccentric billionaire, Richard Branson, is working on a similar project.

High power/efficient wireless charging

Until now, wireless charging meant that a user charged his device using a portable pad, instead of using cables or wires. However, the whole iPad development industry is getting excited at the prospect of having devices charged wirelessly at a long distance. The Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology has recently showed their prototype of DCRS (Dipole Coil Resonant System), which has the ability to wirelessly charge devices up to 15 feet away. This system uses a magnetic field powerful enough to charge large devices such as TVs or charge 40 mobile devices at the same time.

Space balloons

Did you always dream about taking a trip to space when you were a kid? I can say for myself that I did, a lot. In case this is your fantasy as well, then maybe it will soon become a reality. You probably didn’t think that you were going to be able to do this with a balloon, but a company called World View Enterprises has created a complete plan on how they will send tourists into the stratosphere with hot air balloons.

These balloons will be able to fly as far as up to 30 kilometers above the earth. This is technically not space, but at these heights it seems like you are in outer space, and a viewer can see the round nature of our planet with his bare eyes. In June 2016, a successful test flight with a prototype balloon has been concluded and the company has already started a presale on tickets. One ticket will cost a tourist around 80,000 dollars.

Jet packs

The people at JetPack International have made quite a progress with their jetpack technology called h202 and their h202-z jetpacks. Both of these are fueled with hydrogen peroxide and with them a user can fly as fast as 77mph with the maximum height up to 250 feet. Until now their stronger model h202-z has managed to fly up to 33 seconds with the maximum travel distance being around 3,300 feet. It may seem too short, but it’s a good start.

These units developed at JetPack International have a lot of potential, and this lack of travel distance and time is outweighed by how controllable and mobile the flights with these jetpacks are, additionally these units are amazingly compact. These two units of Jetpack International are already available, but not everyone would say that they are commercial, as they are still to be improved and they cost around 100,000 dollars, and not everyone has this sum of money lying around.

Iron man suit

Yes, you read it right, Iron man suit. The suit is not actually called this, but due to its resemblance many people are referring to this way. The tactical assault light operator suit or shortly “TALOS” is a combat suit that is being developed for the US army. By their expectations, it is supposed to be released in about 4 years.

This suit provides the person wearing it shock, fire and ballistic protection. The main market for these suits are the Special Operation soldiers and it will offer them quite a mobile, versatile and better protection than they currently have.

The TALOS will be developed through collaboration of various government agencies, corporations and universities. Although there is still not a single working prototype, the development is being continued at a constant pace. A working prototype ready to be tested is set to be released in 2018. You shouldn’t expect that you will be able to buy this suit, but maybe after some time there could be a small number made for certain commercial uses.

Printed food

3D printing is quickly taking over the whole world, and at the same time, there are more and more people who believe that 3D printing could be used for more than just objects or gadgets. One important asset that can be 3D printed is, believe it or not, food. A German company called Biozoon is focusing on using this technology for creating seneoPro, a variety of 3D printable powder mixtures. These mixtures solidify when they are being printed but they also melt quickly when they are eaten.

The main market for this 3D printable food are older people who have trouble swallowing food. With this technology, the risk of choking will be reduced. Additionally, regular people will be able to use these powders for creating various dishes. If needed, texturizers and coloring agents can be added in order to make this food more visually appealing.

Energy produced from coffee

You probably didn’t know this, but the coffee industry from all around the globe creates millions and millions tons of waste every year. This waste just lies around and there is no use for it. The Bio-bean company came up with an idea of using all this waste to create biofuels from it.

The owner of Bio-bean, Arthur Kay, said that it’s possible to extract valuable energy from this waste and make use of these enormous piles. The company has announced that they have the knowledge and technology to convert over 80% of coffee waste into biofuels, which can then be used for powering various means of transportation, heating homes or anything else that requires energy.

Amazingly fast trains

Everybody hates long train rides. Just imagine a train traveling at speeds that exceed 1000 kilometers per hour. Basically a train that can travel as fast as your regular commercial airplane. This is a dream and yet another project started by Elon Musk. This project is called Hyperloop train system and its concept is based on vacuum tubes, which are propelled by compressed air and induction motors.

The project is already well on its way, as they’ve chosen a test site which will be used in the next two years to perfect this technology. When the loop is completed, it will have the potential to transport passengers from San Francisco to Los Angeles in just 35 minutes. This is an amazing improvement, as current trains need around 7hours to complete this route.

There are a lot of more exciting tech advancements that will soon become a reality. It’s simply impossible to put them all here and I’ve chosen the ones which are most exciting to me. The future will bring great things and we just have to sit back and wait.

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