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Its time About Plants vs. Zombies

The game Plants vs. Zombies is the defense video game developed by PopCap Games. It was initially developed only for the Microsoft Windows users in May 2009. Owing to is publicity and wide acceptance the game was released for the iOS users too in February, 2010. The latest version that has been released is called ‘Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time’.

It’s About Time – Plant Vs. Zombies

Its time About Plants vs. Zombies (1)

In the game the players have to repel the zombies by being plants. The plants eat the brains of the zombies and keep them away. The players have an option to choose from the plants they want to be, they can choose to be either a plant or a fungi. Each plant and fungi have there own unique set of powers and capabilities to face the zombies. The game is divided in to 5-6 different lanes and the plants need to defend these lanes. Some plants are fixed into the spots and can defend only in the confined ares. Where as some plants have the power to move.

The game is divided into various levels. Each level have there share of difficulties and entertainment level to keep the player engaged. As you keep moving up the levels the challenges keep increasing.

So to get the challenging game on your smartphone, below are the steps you need to follow:

iOS uses please visit the app store for the cool game. It’s free of cost on your store.
The direct link for the game can be found here.
Android users can go to the Google Play store or alternatively access the direct link too.
Blackberry users need to visit the Blackberry world or access the direct link here.
Market Place is the destination for the Windows users. The immediate access o the game is this.
Users please note that the game is chargeable for all the other users apart from Android.
Incase you are finding it difficult to download the game please check your firewall settings.
Some applications need you to unblock the http referrer.
If you still face further problems do let us know. Our team will be in touch with you to solve the problem.

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