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How to Enter Facebook without Registering

Facebook has become one of the most powerful social networks with more than 1,500 million users. Despite this, many people decide not to be part of this platform, either because they do not find it useful or for privacy reasons. However, there are times when surely anyone has asked how to enter Facebook without an account and without the need to register. Well, the truth is that we can access the platform without logging in and without the contacts seeing it, but there may also be a series of limitations that we will see later.

Steps to follow:

1    First of all, if you’re reading this article, it’s because you do not have a Facebook account to log in with, so we’re not going to try to convince you to create one, but you should know that there are a number of limitations, since each person may have their privacy configured differently, so it is possible that part of their Facebook profile is not visible. In the case that you want to access from the mobile through the Facebook app, you should know that then it is not possible without logging in. However, you can do it from the mobile browser. So, to be able to enter Facebook without having an account or registering you need:

  • A computer or a mobile.
  • Count a browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.)
  • Have access to the Internet.

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2     The first thing you must do to access Facebook without registering is to open the browser of your mobile or computer. Once this is done, we must determine how to find the profile of the person you want to enter or the profile of any other account you want to access. In general, everyone on Facebook has a link that belongs to their profile type: However, because there are so many people with the same name, many cannot be searched by entering only their first and last name, since Facebook has given them a link in such a way that they do not match the people who call themselves the same.

If you know the profile address of the person you want to visit or a group, enter it directly in the top bar of the browser.

Now, if we do not know the exact address we can try to enter and the name of the profile you want to access, all together, without spaces. In this case, you must perform the search within the browser, and not in the upper space where URL’S always appear.

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3   At this point, Facebook will give us different results depending on the name of the profile you entered to enter without registering. So you must go one by one into the different Facebook accounts that appear in the results until you find the desired one.

So, we only had to click and we were able to enter without registering. However, as we have indicated before, it is possible that your search has many results because there are accounts with the same names, so you will have to try it out.

* In cases where there are several results of the same name, note that Google will show you the result as follows: a As Profiles | Facebook. This means that Facebook has detected that the name you are looking for corresponds to more than one account, so it has grouped all of them, and that is why the term “Profiles” appears. To see them and select the one you want to click on this link.

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4   Once we have clicked on the link to enter the Facebook profile without registering, we may see a Facebook security control window where we must fill in a captcha. Once this is done, it will give us access to the profile of the page we want to access or a panel where the different accounts with the same name will appear.

5   Once we have found the indicated account, we access and we should be within the Facebook profile of the person or group we wanted to enter without an account. It is possible that when we are in the profile of the page we see a Facebook message like the one in the image that appears below: “Log in to Facebook to see more than one How”. Since you do not want to register, click on “Not now”. The message will disappear and you can continue browsing.

* It is possible that after clicking “Now not”, the message remains permanently at the bottom of the page.

6   Now, the fact that we can enter Facebook without an account and without downloading the application does not mean that we can see all the contents. First of all we must differentiate between:

  • Personal profile. Are those accounts belonging to individuals created to interact with other people or pages?
  • They are public profiles or fan pages created by organizations, public figures or companies in order to interact with consumers.
  • These are accounts that people with a profile on Facebook create to gather people who share a common interest. The main difference is that anyone, regardless of whether or not they are friends with the creator of the page, has access to this group. Sometimes, it is necessary for the administrator to authorize the entry, while in others they can access directly without permission.

Taking this into account is important when trying to enter Facebook without having an account, since they present differences between them, especially in terms of privacy. This implies that depending on how a person with a personal profile set their privacy, we cannot see the content of your page even if Facebook allows us to access it without registering. In general, the pages or groups are always visible without a Facebook account.

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Article Source: Tape Daily

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