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How can I Troubleshooting Windows 8 Printer Problems

Among the computer users, the Windows 8 is one of the most popular operating systems. It is known for its user-friendly interface, easy to navigate options and beautiful theme. The best part of this system is one can easily install or uninstall any program or application on the system. Considering the other areas, to install a printer on this system is also not a difficult job at all.

Usually, the users feel it a little difficult to attach the new device with the system and make the system get it detected, but it is not the case with Windows 8 as it can detect the new printer automatically and also prompt one if he wants to make it a default printer or not.

How to install the printer?

In the event when one gets a new printer or change the printer from one to another system, it is necessary to install the concerned printer on the system. Every printer has separate drivers and hence while attaching a different printer to a system one has to install the drivers first. To install the drivers primarily, there are two options. One can do so by running the drivers given on a disc. This disc is usually supplied by the manufacturer only. In another case, one can download the drivers from the website of the manufacturer. One just needs to open the site and provide the model number of the printer. The system will direct one to the drivers of the concerned printer. The model number of the printer is provided on the top or even at the bottom of the device. One can also check the manual provided as the model number is provided there also.

One needs to download the drivers first. Now the system will ask if one wants to run the drivers. One can run it and once the drivers are installed can restart the system. In case still, it does not get effects one can check the system and go to the download options where a right click will lead the drivers to installation.

Once the system is connected with printer one just needs to switch on the printer and see in the option of printer and faxes whether the same is detected by the computer or not. In case it is detected one just needs to run the drivers and the system will be ready to carry out the printing job. In case it is yet not detected one needs to switch off the printer and restart the system. Once it is restarted, one can check the option of theprinter in the control panel, and it will show the icon of the printer. In case one work on a network printer one needs to see that he checks the right printer.

Now one needs to set it as a default printer so that all the printing jobs can move to the same printer only. In case, there is still the problem, one can uninstall and reinstall the drivers. Even then the problem persists one need to contact an expert and ask him,how can I Troubleshooting Windows 8 printer problems,” and seek his assistance.




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