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Continous Word Tournament

A word puzzle game, Wordament was published by Microsoft Studios in 2012. The game is a tournament of words where you are competing with the players across the internet to make words and be the champion of the game.
The player starts with a board, where they have been given a set of letters, each assigned with a point. Now you have to start making words using these letters. Try to incorporate as many points as you can. The catch is the sequence of using the letters can be in any direction but you cannot use a one tile twice for the same word!

Continous Word Tournament (1)

Once you have spotted the word on the board, touch the first letter of the word and keeping dragging across all the letters that for the word you choose. Once you stop on the second word it will be highlighted and so and so forth. Once the software recognizes your word it would be displayed above. Lift your finger once you are done, if the word has not been found yet the word will turn green and your score will be updated. If the word has already been found by a player it would turn yellow, so you have to find a different word. In the word does not exists the word will turn red.
So get moving and collect as many points as you can. Install the game following the steps enlisted here:-
1. Android users please go to the Google Play store on your device or access the direct link here.
2. iOS users need to visit App Store for the game. The direct access for you is this.
3. Windows users can visit Market Place for the word game and the direct link for you is this.
4. In case you face any problem installing the application consider checking your firewall settings. As at times Firewall blocks the unknown access. Switch off the settings and try again.
5. If the problem persists do leave a message for us. A member from our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible, with a solution to your problem.
6. So, have fun increasing your vocabulary or showing the word that you have the largest collection of words in your dictionary! Do not forget to tell us your experience with the game.

The game was released on the 18th day of September 2013 and was instantly accepted by the players. The installations are increasing every day and the players are giving favorable reviews. Have fun exploring the new world of the birds and the pigs with new characters, new defense techniques and much more.

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