Angular For Everyone

Angular is a powerful framework that is based on JavaScript and allows users to create Single Page Applications. This framework is supported by Google and is open source, making it a powerful framework while also being available to anyone interested. Angular framework reduced the actual amount of code that needs to be written due to its dependency injection feature along with data binding. Single Page Applications developed with the Angular framework have the lesser code and hence require lesser maintenance, and this increases the overall ROI on the business.

Angular helps interested participants to learn the framework in depth. The course is held over 20 hours and lays particular emphasis on working on projects and assignments.

What The Course Is About

The Angular JS course is taught in 29 modules that cover the various aspects of the framework. The course introduces the different versions of Angular and goes on to teach participants how to deploy and test what they develop using Angular.

Participants will be taught how to code using the new TypeScript and ES6 language features of Angular. This is taught with the end goal of learning the best architecture for coding different applications. They will also learn the functions and abilities of different features such as Angular Forms, Observables, Dependency Injections, and Routing. Participants will be tested on the various units covering Pipes, Components, Modules, and Services.

Participants will also learn how to use various hacks such as developing reusable elements, and retrieving, updating or deleting data using the Http service offered by Angular.

At the end of the Angular JS course, participants will be able to create, build and deploy an Angular application using Angular CLI.

The Angular 7 training has certain prerequisites. Participants are expected to have a working knowledge of developing using JavaScript. If you do not know how to use JavaScript, then you can learn how to do so with one- or two-day intensive workshop on the same.

Key Takeaways

The Angular 6 training is an instructor-led course that features over 20 hours of intensive training. Participants are expected to dedicate over 120 hours for quizzes and assignments which allows them to better understand the framework of Angular. Students will also work on at least two industry cases as well as two live projects to better understand the various contingencies of the project and the scope of Angular.

Where then? 

Zeolearn ensures that all their trainers actually have years of industry experience. The Angular JS course is led by instructors who have been actual Web Developers and will be present as mentors and guides to impart end-to-end knowledge on Angular to be able to develop real-world projects. The course is specially formulated, and all course material including class recordings and e-materials will be available to the participants at any time.

Participants will also get a certification stating their study of Angular. This can prove to be invaluable to students who are looking to expand their career prospects.

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