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A New Cryptocurrency Has Just Been Launched And We’re Excited About That!

Singapore-based Symbiosism Economy Foundation and Maxthon USA recently built a mining browser, which has been released late January 2018. By normally using this specific browser, a user could earn a new type of cryptocurrency that goes by the name of LivesToken. LivesToken and its virtual bank, the LivesOne Wallet, go online at the same time. A user can enjoy features such as Assets Center and Security Center directly from the virtual bank. Both features are designed to give a user’s financial and account security protection. LivesOne Account also holds and stores a user’s cryptocurrency by default, which can be withdrawn to any Ethereum wallet so long as the wallet is compatible with an ERC-20 token. Anyone interested in setting up a LivesOne account can do so by visiting LivesOne’s official website at

Simply put, LivesToken is not all that different from other cryptocurrencies like BTC or ETH. It is ultimately based on a blockchain technology and is meant to be compatible with the standard of ERC-20 tokens. However, LivesToken is intended to specifically promote and facilitate development and prosperity of Symbiosism Economy, which itself is a new type of business model. In addition to a series of features found in other cryptocurrencies, LivesToken also comes with the ability to properly quantify and compensate users’ times spent on the internet and their overall online behaviors. Both common and creative labors of a user are aggregated by LivesToken and are treated the same way.

A New Era of Symbiosism Economy is Ushered in and Today Businesses and Users can Enjoy Developing Side by Side

The term “Symbiosism Economy” refers to both a new economic era and a new model of business. This concept is backed by the application of blockchain technology and use of an encrypted digital currency called cryptocurrency. The most important thing to expect out of this concept is a rather crucial one: It offers a solution to the matter of how to bring users and businesses together under the same environment.

Big industry players, like Google, were not always the large-size corporation they are known today. There were a point in the past where they were just tiny companies struggling to thrive. Users that are far-sighted and enthusiastic helped with their growth and development; doing as far as helping them launch themselves as the big companies known today. Those big industry players have their early supporters to be thankful for their success. Sadly, no rewards went to those users.

This is what the blockchain and cryptocurrency innovation initiated by Symbiosism Economy Foundation aims at revising. Symbiosism Economy designs LivesToken to be sort of a means to glue businesses and users together. A business can distribute LivesToken to their users in order that data of those users’ online behaviors can be gathered. This data would then go into a quantifying process so the business in question can compensate them appropriately for the time they spend online. The users’ benefits, as such, become an integral part of a business’ development.

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