5 Surprising things you can do with your Dedicated Server

Dedicated Servers can be useful for a multitude of different reasons. For example, you can use your idle server for setting up your data synchronisation services, virtual private networks, and more.

The possibilities of are endless with what you can do with your dedicated servers in UK. These things include creating a simple test server, converting your server to a monitoring server; creating an internet jukebox for streaming different multimedia formats to various devices. Get top even to set up HTTP tunneling

  1. Use Your Server As a Firewall

If you are in the market for a firewall but your budget won’t allow for the hardware or commercial software firewall, consider that there are other open-source alternatives such as SmoothWall and Sophos, some of which are said to be just as useful as some industrial applications.

  • Hosting Your Web Page

You can use your dedicated server or virtual private server to host your website, a blog, a forum, a wiki, and so much more. Hosting your site has many advantages, such as lack of forced advertising, increased overall speed, and an unparalleled level of control. Although it is technically possible to set up your server for web page hosting, you will most likely run into issues for high bandwidth usage if you have a tremendous amount of traffic as well as decreased reliability. Learn how to host your website with WordPress directly or how to host a blog with Blogger.

  • Private Analytics

Using a dedicated server or virtual private server, you can choose to host your web analytics server. Web analytics is vital to understanding your customer base and improving the effectiveness of your website. It is a common alternative to depending on services such as Google Analytics. If you aren’t satisfied with Google Analytics, you can opt to use a service like Piwik for a feature-rich web analytics tool including many features of Analytics such as real-time analytics, visitor tracking, referrer analysis, and even geolocation.

  1. Set Up a Voice over Internet Protocol  (VoIP)

Voice over Internet Protocol also referred to as VoIP, is a form of communication that utilises the internet as a transmission medium by sending sound over the internet network. Using VoIP is becoming more common among businesses as they want to use their networks to ensure they have more control and higher voice quality than a traditional phone system can provide. A typical example of Voice over Internet Protocol is Skype.  You can also read about what VoIP can do for your business.

Setting up your Dedicated Server or Virtual Private server to host your VoIP service is simple. There are many tutorials on how to set up your VoIP system. There are many services you can use on your dedicated server or virtual private server to host your Voice over Internet Protocol such as Mumble, TeamSpeak, and Ventrilo.

  • Hosting Game Servers

If you play multiplayer video games, you’re familiar with how game servers work. Using a dedicated server, you can host your multiplayer lobbies and dedicated game servers with minimal downtown and optimal speed. There are plenty of tutorials on how to set up dedicated servers for common games like Minecraft, Counter-Strike, and Arma 3.

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