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5 Security Management Challenges Faced by Businesses

Security is a core issue for business today. The cost of any breach can cost the business millions as it might result in loss of intellectual property, compliance remediation costs, business intelligence, audit and regulatory fines and it’s the intangible losses that hit the most. They lose the trust of their customers and their brand equity and reputation get dented.

Here are 5 security management challenges faced by businesses.

Explosive Growth in Endpoints

Most security devices in any organization are accessible, connected, serviced and controlled from a network. While it is convenient to keep a tab on them in this way, it has also introduced an incremental scaling problem. To avoid any backdoor exploit, security personnel need to limit the physical security system’s vulnerability. They can do that by setting complex passwords, changing it frequently and ensuring that firewalls and other network controls are well in place.

Lack of Digital-Physical Convergence

The number of endpoints is proliferating and there are sectors where any compromise or threat to these endpoints can disrupt or harm the economy affecting a large number of people at one go. To avoid this, businesses will have to take measures to converge the digital and physical security measures. This can be done by performing hardware repairs regularly and ensuring that there are no software conflicts. Experts in this field can give handy suggestions to businesses to incorporate the best security systems in place.

Gap in Skills

This is one of the greatest factors, which lead to security breaches. Those responsible for security don’t really understand the importance of physical or digital assets to a particular business and fail to protect them cohesively. As they are not very vigilant because of their inability to see the relevance of the security measure for the organization, it increases the probability of it getting compromised.

Not Choosing the Security Devices Properly

Risk and business objectives should be the key drivers when selecting the security devices and controls. If a top-down approach is taken keeping these objectives in mind, it will lead to proper policies and controls in place.

Regulatory and Internal Compliance

Organizations often lack internal compliance and regulatory requirements. There should be a clear understanding and demarcation on what conflicts can arise and who will be responsible for it.

These are a few of the many security management challenges that businesses face daily.

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