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5 Cool Tech Items for College Students

Every year it seems that there is a new piece of technology available that supposedly makes life substantially easier for college students. With so much hype from the media, and millions of dollars spent on advertising to convince you to buy said technology, how can a student decipher fact from fiction? Well, I have good news for you; you clicked on the right article! Read on to learn an unbiased report about 5 cool tech items that are now available for college students.

  1. Otterbox Phone Charging Case

In college, there are really only two horrendous things that can possibly happen to your cell phone. One – you accidentally drop cellphone and the screen shatters into a thousand small cracks; leaving you unbelievably upset.  Two – your phone dies right when you are expecting a big call / juicy text. Enter the Otterbox Resurgence case.  Not only does the Otterbox defend its reputation of keeping your phone safe from the outside world, but this Otterboxalso charges your phone! Can you say goodbye to carrying your charger with you at all hours like an insane person? The Otterbox Resurgence retails for $99.95 and is perhaps the most convenient phone case on the market.

  1. Mr. Coffee Smart Optimal Brew

Right when you were getting ready to put your head through your door at the mere thought of dragging yourself out of bed to manually brew a cup of coffee; Mr. Coffee came a-knockin. It’s no secret, college students often have a sick obsession with coffee and to be honest, I support it! Enter the Mr. Coffee Smart Optimal Brew. This smart coffee pot allows you to brew a cup of coffee from your cell phone. Gone are the days of getting out of bed to turn your pot on, or leaving the library early to brew yourself a pot of coffee. Simply pre-make yourself a pot and have it start brewing whenever you find it most convenient. This space-age coffee pot retails for $149.99.

  1. TyltEnergi Backpack

Ahhh, technology, you make life so convenient; but I hate always having to stop my day to recharge you.  If only I could keep my technology charged without having to constantly find a wall adapter.  Enter TylyEnergi Backpack + Battery. This is a backpack with three USB hookups to charge your cellphone, tablet and everything in between. The best part is, you can fly with this backpack! Gone are the days where you have to go back to your dorm to recharge your cell phone. Simply use this backpack and be on your way!  You can buy this for $99.95 on Amazon.


  1. Segate External Hard Drive

Do you remember that time when you threw a party in your dorm and your roommate Billy accidentally knocked over an open beer can all over your laptop, effectively ruining your paper that you slaved over? Yeah – fun times. The Seagate external hard drive is the perfect insurance policy for any college student.  Use this piece of technology to back up any and all files because accidents do happen. You can find this on Amazon for $85.99.

Avalon Bay Portable Ice Maker

Let’s be honest, sometimes you want to enjoy an ice-cold drink on those hot muggy days! If that sounds like you, the Avalon Bay portable ice maker is your perfect solution.  This pint sized ice maker can produce up to 26 pounds of ice per day! Use this ice maker to impress all of your friends at Northeastern University. You can find this retailing for $149.95 on Amazon.

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