3 Best Customer Database Software Solutions

Modern businesses are very complex and versatile. They include many stages and steps in their creation and further improvement. In the recent past, businesspeople could just come forward with brilliant ideas and unexpected solutions in order to wake up famous and rich. It happened in the course of many years. However, the more people there are,  the more companies become successful and well-known, the more difficult it gets to reach this top.

Being eager to achieve the best results and to hold their present positions, leading companies, corporations and some high achievers of the small business use special software, improving and optimizing their work. There are plenty of different apps and systems but not all of them are effective enough to lead a company to greater results and bring it to a higher level.

In the present time, when all the companies do their best to attract people`s attention to their goods and services, compete for the consumers’ respect and money, the customer becomes a very important part of business process. Thus, success of every project and company itself depends on consumers’ loyalty, which means every company should have at hand all the necessary order details and some information about the clients. In order to solve this problem the customer database software was invented.

Different types of customer database software and their features

Customer database is a platform, which contains different information about clients such as email addresses, social media profiles, phone numbers, messages, order history, preferences and other data. Many systems also may allow data analysis and generalization, which enables a businessperson understand costumers` needs and preferences, make forecasts and improve the company work.

Now using such systems is quite usual and many developers and IT specialists often combine different approaches and combinations in order to offer the best software. Thus, there are many various kinds of customer database software. Especially popular are the following ones:

  1. Customer Database Management
  2. CRM system
  3. CRM-driven system

The first software type is intended only to store information about clients and orders. The second one offers a wide range of management tools, including customer database, change management, service catalogue and some others. Finally, the third one is a system effectively combining customer relationship management, having cloud customers database as its part, with BPM software. This up-to-date software is presented by the only system called bpm’online and allows for a full process optimization and an absolute control of every step.

However, the majority of the systems are single-minded or have few additional tools. At the same time, all they vary from each other much. There are many offers designed by different developers and below we will present and consider the most efficient and functional CRM systemsl.

bpm ‘online


bpm’online is a promising system, which was developed not a long time ago but has already won numerous awards and praises for its multitudinous useful tools, simplicity and well thought-out interface, which are its main features. It is a must-have for every successful company, which has no time to waste.

The system offers a well-designed cloud customer database. Thus, you may have an easy and quick access to any information you need. It is cloud-based enabling different company branches to exchange their data and have the same database online. The system also provides companies with 360-degree customer view, consisting of consumer`s contacts, order history and relevant information received from open sources, including the data taken from social networks.

This makes building a customer database effortless and timesaving so that the company could concentrate on more important business tasks. The system also offers analytical tools, request and release management and many other opportunities. You can learn more about this software on the developer`s official website



Bitrix24 is a popular customer database software available online as well as on premise. So you can easily install it on your server. The system has some features of CRM but less tools than a real customer relationship management system. It enables you to work with clients, leads, contacts, deals, quotes, invoices and partners without any effort and for free. However, there are many limitations. Thus, this system is more common for small business enterprises.

In order to get more information about the system visit

Scoro customer database management


Scoro is a popular customer database software, which enables businesspeople to filter and manage their online customer database by tags, divide it into categories, create different custom fields. It has the most necessary and essential tools and allows for building customer profile database so that users can see the most important information about their clients, orders, bills, communication history and projects.

For more information, visit the official website

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